Top 5 Fall Pests

Guest Column by Chase Hazelwood, NCPMA Board Member

Fall has arrived! The air is cooler. The trees are starting to turn colors.

And creepy crawly pests are starting to emerge.  And, I’m not just talking about Halloween decorations!

As temperatures get cooler, many pests start to appear that weren’t around in the warmer summer months. There are a variety of reason for this, but the main reason is that many pests start to seek warmer places to winter which drives them to the warm interiors of homes.

  • Spiders: There’s a reason why you see spiders all over Halloween decorations. They’re one of fall’s biggest pests.  Look closely at trees or even your front porch, and you’re likely to see a large spider webs that weren’t there before. Fall is the time when spiders reproduce by laying eggs.  After maturing all summer long, female spiders are now ready to spin their webs and lay their eggs in preparation for winter.
  • Stink Bugs and Kudzu Bugs: Stink bugs and Kudzu bugs are some of the newer pests in North Carolina but are some of the biggest nuisances this time of year.  Both bugs are native to Asia but have made a home in our state in the past few years and eat many farm crops.  Both stink bugs and kudzu bugs can become a nuisance for homeowners because they can gather in large numbers once inside a home, are hard to kill and can emit a foul odor if crushed.
  • Fireants: Fire ants can build large mounds in soil and near structural foundations.  In some instances, they can enter cracks in buildings.  Fire ants can cause multiple, painful stings when their nests are disturbed or threatened. Fall is the best time to treat fire ant mounds because the cooler temperatures make them more active.
  • Lady bugs: Lady bugs are small and cute but can be a real nuisance to many homeowners.  In the fall, lady bugs may seek warmer places to winter and can gather in large numbers inside homes. Although not dangerous, these pests can be difficult to remove from a home.
  • Rodents: Rodents, like humans, are looking for a warm place to stay during the colder winter months.  To prevent these unwanted houseguests, make sure all doors and windows are sealed properly.

To prevent or treat pest infestations, we recommend contacting a pest professional. They can recommend the best treatment plan for your particular circumstances.

--Chase Hazelwood is an At-Large Director for NCPMA and the owner and general manager of Go-Forth Pest & Lawn in High Point.