2023 Spring Workshop: March 21


The North Carolina Pest Management Association is pleased to offer our spring meetings remotely.


Patricia Alder, Training Coordinator with the NCSU Structural Pest Management Training Facility and Department of Entomology & Plant Pathology


  • W-Phase: Wood Boring Beetles
  • P-Phase: Ground Nesting Bees, Wasps & Fire Ants


March 21, 2023

Time (Pick one of two options):

  • Morning: 8 am
  • Afternoon: 4 pm


Virtual via GoToWebinar


  • Members: FREE with the code MEMBER.
  • Nonmembers: $55


You can earn 2 credits by attending a two-hour session; the same 2 hour session will be offered four times. Viewing the class more than once will not provide more than 2 credits.

Credit Requirements:

  • Each individual must be able to view on their own device and must use the specific link provided by email; no device sharing.
  • Using the same email for multiple attendees is not permitted.
  • Calling in on the phone is not sufficient; attendees must watch the webinar live in its entirety and answer poll questions during to receive credit.