Fall 2019 Course Schedule

Fall 2019 courses for the Premier Technician Program will be held at the North Carolina State Structural Pest Management Training Facility located at:

4000 Chi Road, Raleigh, NC

Tuesday, November 5, 2019 

Ant Behavior: How and Why Ants Do What They Do

In this course participants will have the unique opportunity to acquire training that is unavailable elsewhere.  You will explore what ants do in their daily life, how they communicate, do they get sick like we do? how do they survive? what happens when they die? because the answers to these questions will give you the answers on how to develop an effective pest management program.  The lecture and laboratory practice emphasize classification, identification of ant genera, social systems, and the diverse roles ants play in ecosystems.  The hands-on section will expose participants to collecting and sampling, equipment and treatment practices.  After practicing on several specimens, the participants test their skills with five unidentified specimens. The course will also cover principles of integrated pest management and its components, including effective customer education and communication. Demonstrations of various ant management techniques, including bait acceptance, repellent versus non-repellent pesticide, proper pesticide application, and others will also be covered. 

FEATURED PRESENTER: Patricia Alder, Entomologist NC State University

Patty Alder is the Director of the NC State University Structural Training Facility.  Her responsibilities include developing and conducting training programs for the pest management industry and other related audiences. She also assists pest management professionals in solving pest problems.  Patty received her bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 2000 and her master’s degree in Entomology from NC State University in 2004. After graduating from NCSU, she worked as technical director for Clegg’s Termite & Pest Control for about 1 ½ years before accepting her current position at NCSU in 2007. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Mouse vs Rat: The R Factor Commensal Rodent 101

Why control rats & mice? What are your options? This course will cover the lifestyle and habits of mice and rats, teach you how to identify rats and mice and the typical symptoms of damage they cause, teach you how to identify the degree and source of the infestation and work through how to plan, implement and monitor an effective control program. This will be accomplished through lecture and hands-on field work that will allow you to understand the effect rodent control can have on your customers, the environment and ensure risks to non-target animals are minimized.

FEATURED PRESENTER: Maria Miller, Univar

Maria joined the pest control industry 8 years ago after nearly 20 years in sales of restaurant supplies/equipment.  Her roles with Mattress Safe, Bell Labs and Paragon before joining Univar allowed her to provide product training, sales and marketing support to pest control distributors, operators and technicians.  Her training and experience in rodent practices and control have made her a sought-after speaker in the pest control industry.